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Surfers around the world both adore and fear Pohnpei's famous Palikir Pass. Depending on the season, the waves of Palikir Pass range from intermediate to expert. Palikir Pass is located along the barrier reef leading into Pohnpei and requires a boat ride to get there.

For more information on seasons and getting to P-Pass, feel free to contact Cliff Rainbow or visit our affiliate, Nihco Surf Club, through the button below.

    Nihco Surf Club


Pohnpei's looming mountains collect significant amounts of rain during the year, resulting in hundreds of waterfalls throughout the island. There are numerous hikes of varying difficulties for visiting these waterfalls that offer adventurers cool, mountain-water pools for swimming.

It is typically advisable to use guides on Pohnpei's hikes because they are often not marked clearly. Lucky for you, Cliff Rainbow has maps and can help you set a date to hike with local guides.

Deep Sea Fishing

The waters of Micronesia are rich with a variety of deep sea fish. Markets are regularly filled with freshly caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna. There are monthly fishing tournaments on Pohnpei as well, where participants regularly pull in hundreds of pounds of marlin, bonito, and sailfish.

Cliff Rainbow is ready to connect you with numerous boats that make regular trips to hot fishing spots. You can also visit our friends at the Pohnpei Fishing Club to learn more about seasons and tournaments.

Pohnpei Fishing Club

Nan Madol

Nan Madol was the home of the old kings of Pohnpei, the Saudeleurs. The construction of Nan Madol began between the 8th and 12th centuries and was abandoned around 1628 when the kingly clas was overthrown. The sprawling remains are a testament to Pohnpeian ingenuity, as archaelogists remain baffled as to how the tens of thousands of multi-ton stones were moved and engineered.

Although Nan Madol is not difficult to visit, it does require some knowledge of the roads and payment to locals for access. As you might expect, Cliff Rainbow has you covered! To learn more about Nan Madol's history, click the button below.

Information on Nan Madol

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

People travel from around the world to scuba dive Pohnpei's diverse coral reefs. The lagoon surrounding Pohnpei provides an innumerable number of dive sites, including channels that are home to hundreds of Manta Rays.

Cliff Rainbow has a working relationship with Pirate Diving Service, which has provided quality service to Pohnpei's scuba divers for decades. Use the button below to visit Pirate Diving Service, or work directly through Cliff Rainbow to schedule a time for your dive.

Pristine Ant Atoll

Ever want to visit a nearly untouched atoll with sandy beaches and no one else for miles? Look no further, because Ant Atoll is as remote and as beautiful as it gets. Although Ant Atoll used to have inhabitants, today there is only beaches a small facility for tourists to spend the night. Ant Atoll is about 20 miles from Pohnpei, which means on most day trips you will be the only ones on the island. Snorkeling or diving along Ant's steep coral walls is a must as the lagoon is a marine sanctuary and host to thousands of aquatic fish.

Getting to Ant can be tricky depending on the weather, so Cliff is happy to work with our guests to pick the right days and boats services for travel. Schedule a boat through us our visit our affiliate, Pirate Diving Service.